Golden State Warriors
Steph Curry praises slimmed-down Bogut as Warriors NBA streak continues
... State has opened the NBA season with 16 straight wins A slimmed-down Andrew Bogut has been a key player in the Golden State Warriors’ 16-game winn ...
  • Golden State Warriors make NBA history as first team to start season 16-0
  • Curry, Warriors eye NBA Lakers' magical 33 win-streak

  • How To Cook A Turkey
    How to Brine a Turkey, How Do You Cook a Turkey Butterball Per Pound
    LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – How do you cook a turkey per pound, how do you brine a turkey? Tomorrow the confusion returns as US households wonder long does ...
  • 11 kindergartners explain how to cook a turkey
  • How to Safely Cook Stuffing Inside Your Turkey

  • The Good Dinosaur
    The Good Dinosaur’ trippy, but uneven
    “The Good Dinosaur” is Pixar’s most trippy and tripped-up film: a wayward tale, uncertain of its steps, about a Gumby-green young dinosaur lost in pre ...
  • The Good Dinosaur: Sam Elliott On The Film's Inspirational Message & More!
  • Movie Review: THE GOOD DINOSAUR

  • Sweet Potato Casserole
    Where Thanksgiving calories hide – and how to burn them off
    Those favorite dishes are just so high in calories — hello, stuffing and sweet potato casserole! — and there are just so many of them, it can seem imp ...
  • Thug Kitchen duo demystifies nutritional yeast
  • Sweet Potato Casserole Supreme

  • Happy Thanksgiving
    Happy to feast on Thanksgiving
    East Bridgewater coach Shawn Tarpey has always been fascinated by the discussion regarding Super Bowl teams and their approach to Thanksgiving Day foo ...
  • Happy Thanksgiving? Terror, Not Turkey, Top Concern
  • Happy Thanksgiving

  • Cranberry Sauce
    What should families avoid talking about over Thanksgiving dinner
    NEW YORK -- We've all been there. It's Thanksgiving and the family has gathered around a table topped with turkey, green bean casserole and tin-can-sh ...
  • Behold how millennials are now trying to ruin Thanksgiving
  • A Daughter's Obsession With Canned Cranberry Sauce

  • Sweet Potato Pie
    Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie: Sold Out For Thanksgiving, $3.95 Pie Selling For $20 On Ebay [VIDEO]
    The viral video of the Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie has sent curious viewers to Walmart to get a taste of the $3.95 pie. The pie has become so popul ...
  • Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie,’ gone viral by YouTube review, sold out
  • Bridges: How sweet-potato pie is helping local special-needs students become independent

  • Lil Boosie
    USC’s Boosie Whitlow has the knack for rushing passer
    ... calls South Carolina defensive end Quandeski Whitlow “Boosie” has nothing to do with the most famous Boosie of the moment – rap star Lil’ Boosie. ...
  • Man Accused Of Stealing $5 In Snacks Died In Jail As He Waited For Space At Mental Hospital
  • Judge places hold on man accused of hitting deputy with his vehicle

  • Adele Jimmy Fallon
    Adele, Jimmy Fallon perform 'Hello' using classroom instruments
    NEW YORK -- Whether onstage, in the studio or inside a classroom, Adele has proven that she can deliver a breathtaking performance wherever she goes. ...
  • Adele, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots perform ‘Hello’ with children’s toy instruments
  • Adele, Jimmy Fallon, the Roots perform 'Hello' with classroom instruments

  • Frank Gifford
    ABC's 'Good Morning America' celebrates a 40th anniversary with a reunion
    Kathie Lee Gifford, now a host on the rival "Today" show, recalled her time on "Good Morning America" during the 1980s, including meeting future husba ...
  • 'GMA' 40th Anniversary: 4 Best Moments From 'GMA's' 40th Anniversary Reunion
  • Kathie Lee Gifford To Lovin’ Hubby Frank: ‘You Oughta Be In Pictures!’

  • Stuffing Recipe
    West Coast Dressing Recipe
    After I made West Coast squash casserole, I sought to Californianize another Thanksgiving dish: dressing! This recipe combines sourdough bread, chestn ...
  • Today in Tabs: The Internet Is Bad, Let's Make Stuffing!
  • This map shows the most searched Thanksgiving recipe in every state

  • Laura Ashby
    JEOPARDY Contestant's Vocal Inflection Lights Up Social Media
    Laura Ashby of Georgia, who has appeared in the last three episodes of JEOPARDY, has created quite a stir on social media. Since her first appearance ...
  • Jeopardy Contestant Laura Ashby’s Voice Is Causing a Twitter Storm
  • The Whole Internet’s Freaking Out About This Jeopardy Contestant’s Fascinating Voice

  • Macy S Thanksgiving Day Parade
    Hundreds gather to watch balloons be inflated for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as officials refuse to allow terrorism fears undermine holiday in New York
    A huge crowd gathered to watch the inflation process of for the iconic balloons to be featured in Thursday's historic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade i ...
  • The 89th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Airs This Morning on NBC
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade kicks off holidays with 'On Your Feet!', Prince Royce

  • Pecan Pie
    Happy Thanksgiving: Do you know what it takes to burn off a Thanksgiving dinner?
    The Thanksgiving dinner is all about eating turkey drenched in gravy, bowlful of mashed potatoes, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, roasted brussel sprouts and ...
  • Mama’s Kitchen Pies Never Stop Trending: 4,000 Baked for Benefit
  • Do not even think about putting chocolate in pecan pie

  • Best Buy Black Friday 2015 Ads
    Best Apple Black Friday 2015 Deals
    Best Buy, Target, Staples and others. One look at the front of Black Friday 2015 ads and you’ll see that the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple noteb ...
  • Best Buy Black Friday 2015 Ads: Best Buy Deals Wraps Up Wal-mart, Target With Its Toshiba 49-inch LED HD-TV, And More Numerous Discounts
  • MacMall Black Friday 2015 ad has plenty of Apple iPad, MacBook, iMac deals

  • Green Bean Casserole Recipe
    Gluten-Free? Here Are the Surprising Thanksgiving Foods You Need to Watch Out for
    Flour might not be listed outright in a green bean casserole recipe, but it's still probably in there. Alternative: Here's a Betty Crocker recipe for ...
  • Family fooled by 60-year-old recipe for green bean casserole
  • Mainers love green bean casserole

  • Thanksgiving Quotes
    The Most Poignant and Painfully True Quote About Refugees This Thanksgiving
    John Oliver nailed the poignancy and irony of our Thanksgiving celebration on his show Sunday night by neatly linking it with the fearful response of ...
  • UPDATE 4-Obama says U.S. is safe as millions set off on Thanksgiving travel
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day 2015: Top quotes, wishes, greetings, messages to celebrate with your family

  • How To Roast A Turkey
    How to carve a turkey (+video)
    “That’s a sexy turkey,” she said of the bird, which came with a deeply roasted color and crispy skin all over. To spatchcock a turkey, cut away its ba ...
  • How to Brine a Turkey, How Do You Cook a Turkey Butterball Per Pound
  • For smaller groups, roast a turkey breast

  • Pie Crust Pie Remix: Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie
    Nix that tired pumpkin pie recipe this year and kick it up a notch or two with this vamped up version, courtesy of 1. For the crumb c ...
  • Pumpkin pecan pie
  • Pie is my family’s tradition. I’m trying to get better at it.

  • Butterball
    Turkey Preparation Tips from the Butterball Expert
    KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC. – Thanksgiving Day is here and millions of turkeys are being prepared for the dinner table. With a house full of hungry people, th ...
  • Butterball hotline: Saving Thanksgiving for 30 years
  • Verizon Commercial Suggests a Thanksgiving Without Phones

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