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Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan and Jesus among vote-getters in turbulent Alabama Senate race
Fox News, 07-Jan-18 10:19 AM Mountain
Some aren’t Alabama residents. Other voter-getters aren’t even alive. But actor Clint Eastwood, the late President Ronald Reagan and Jesus Christ were among those who received protest write-in votes in Alabama’s tempestuous Senate election this month.

Trump's Flawed Theory of the Alabama Senate Race
The Atlantic, 02-Jan-18 07:46 PM Mountain
Doug Jones’s victory in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama on Tuesday poses a quandary to Republicans at all levels—but to none more than President Trump. The results of the race demonstrate the limitations of both his political power and of his self ...

In Alabama Senate race, thousands favored write-ins over Roy Moore, Doug Jones
NBC News, 30-Dec-17 03:43 PM Mountain
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Mickey Mouse. Nick Saban. Any Other Republican. Those were some of the names that got write-in votes in the Alabama Senate election as voters suggested their own alternatives to Sen.-elect Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore.

Doug Jones certified as winner in Alabama Senate race; judge denies Roy Moore's delay request
KOAT Albuquerque, 30-Dec-17 06:42 AM Mountain
Democrat Doug Jones was officially declared the winner in closely watched Alabama's Senate race, just after a judge denied Republican Roy Moore's request to delay the certification. Senator-elect Jones won the narrow race by about 20,000 votes earlier this ...

Alabama Democrat officially declared winner in US Senate race
Yahoo News, 29-Dec-17 11:01 AM Mountain
Washington (AFP) - Democrat Doug Jones was officially declared the winner of the US Senate race in the southern state of Alabama on Thursday, whittling down the slim Republican majority in the chamber. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill certified the ...

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