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David Letterman - Brian Williams' Sob Story

Obama Jokes About Brian Williams At Radio TV Dinner

Brian Williams Raps "Baby Got Back"

Rock Center With Brian Williams 2011 12 12 Chelsea Clinton

Brian Williams Raps Warren G's "Regulate" (Late Night with ...

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Brian Williams Thanks East Ridge Citizens
Chattanoogan, 10-Nov-16 04:27 PM Mountain
I would like to thank the citizens of East Ridge for their confidence and support to serve as one of the two next council members for our great city. I especially want to thank all the individuals that worked hard and helped so much with my campaign.

Art exhibit a tribute to three generations
Williams Lake Tribune, 10-Nov-16 03:44 PM Mountain
The exhibition Generations in the upstairs gallery at the Station House this month is a tribute to three generations of artists in the Cariboo put together by artist Brian Garten. In his presentation at the gallery opening Nov. 3, Garten explained that ...

First Read: What We Got Wrong
NBC News, 10-Nov-16 01:18 AM Mountain
On MSNBC's "11th Hour" last night, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is Trump's transition chair, told Brian Williams that he might step down as governor for the right job in a Trump administration. "Very much depends upon what job was offered," he said.

Brian Williams' Live On Air Sigh After Reading That Trump Won Iowa Is Everything, 09-Nov-16 07:20 PM Mountain
When you're done calling half of the country racists for voting against Crooked Hillary, and you're left wondering if possibly there's an entirely different reason Trump was elected, then look no further than the video below. The country is tired of ...

Vogue Williams opens up about ex Brian McFadden’s new girlfriend, 08-Nov-16 11:53 PM Mountain
Vogue Williams has opened up about her ex Brian McFadden’s new girlfriend this week. The 31-year-old model was married to Brian for three years before they split in July 2015. However, the Herald reports that Brian, 36, is currently dating secondary ...

A Rudderless Night, as News Networks Struggle With a Surprise Victory
New York Times, 08-Nov-16 04:58 PM Mountain
As the actual returns came in, the newsrooms seemed rudderless. Said Brian Williams on MSNBC: “No one has the advantage of information tonight. No one has an inside read, a private poll.” There may have been a failure of polling. But what was on ...

Brian Williams In Disbelief Over Trump Victory Path: "Geez"
RealClear Politics, 07-Nov-16 04:59 PM Mountain
Brian Williams reacts to Steve Kornacki showing Donald Trump's path to electoral victory after the network called the state of Georgia for the Republican nominee. "Wisconsin would put him over. Wisconsin would put him at 270 at that point," Kornacki ...

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  • Brian Williams Very Politely Calls Out Mark Halperin's Trump Boosterism (VIDEO)
  • Brian Williams dissed Mark Halperin’s Trump coverage. Big league.
  • Brian Williams calls out prominent journalist: 'You've gone out of your way' to give Trump favorable coverage
  • Boy, Did Brian Williams Make Joe Scarborough Mad
  • Did Brian Williams embed with SEAL Team 6?
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    Brian Williams - NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams ...
    Brian Williams is seen by more U.S. television viewers on a daily basis than any other individual. Since taking over as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News ...

    Brian Williams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Brian Douglas Williams (born May 5, 1959) is an American journalist. He is best known for his ten years as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, the evening ...

    Brian Williams expected to stay at NBC - Jun. 17, 2015
    Brian Williams is down, but not out. NBC and Williams have come to a tentative agreement that will keep Williams at the network after his six-month ...

    Brian Williams To Stay At NBC: Reports
    Brian Williams, the former NBC "Nightly News" anchor, is set to return to the network, but not to the same role he had before his career was engulfed in ...

    Brian Williams to remain on NBC after suspension - NY ...
    It was not clear Wednesday what Williams new job will be, but there has been speculation that he could land at MSNBC or take on a role similar to Anne Curry after she ...

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