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College Humor Pranks People by Asking Bizarre Questions About World Cup
Bleacher Report, 17-Jun-14 10:01 PM Mountain
Every four years, people in the United States root on their country at the World Cup. Some fans are knowledgeable, but others just try to go with the flow so they don't look bad. However, a man with a microphone and a camera has the ability to make those ...

New College Humor video tackles Google, Bing and the NSA
Beta News, 19-Mar-14 06:30 AM Mountain
Thanks to the likes of College Humor and Funny or Die there is no shortage of comical entertainment on the web these days. The former has got laughs before with a video showing what the web would be like if Google were actually a guy, and now it follows ...

College Humor April Fools Paywall (PHOTO)
The Huffington Post, 01-Apr-13 10:00 AM Mountain
You could be forgiven if they got you on this one for a second. For its April Fools' Day prank, College Humor instituted a new paywall, and for only $50 a month you can get access to CH's "backlog of decommissioned Cute College Girls". We're not sure what ...

College Humor tackles HBO Go password sharing
Fierce Cable, 18-Nov-12 04:54 PM Mountain
Online video producers at College Humor released a video that pokes fun of the phenomenon of HBO subscribers sharing their passwords for the popular HBO Go website and TV Everywhere application with friends who don't subscribe to the premium channel.

College Humor gays threaten to marry girlfriends of straight guys in video
Gay Star News, 14-Nov-12 03:18 PM Mountain
A cocky group of gay guys have taken a unique approach in fighting for marriage equality in a new video made by the website College Humor. Even though voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington approved gay marriage last week bringing the number of US states ...

'College Humor' Gives Men a Reason to Support Gay Marriage
Forbes, 13-Nov-12 09:21 AM Mountain
Even though American homosexuals are tax-paying citizens and should therefore have the rights of other tax-paying citizens, gay marriage is only legal in nine states, with nine other states permitting legal unions. The majority of states have banned same ...

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