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EXCLUSIVE First Look At The Bus: A Camp Midnight Mini From Steven T. Seagle And Jason Adam Katzenstein
Comic Book, 21-Jul-14 03:16 PM Mountain
Seagle (it's a bird ..., Genius, Imperial) and Jason Adam Katzenstein (Mad Magazine, College Humor). "THE BUS: A Camp Midnight Mini is a low print-run, mini-comic featuring a short story about a young girl unwillingly being whisked away to a creepy little ...

She Held A Casting Call For Men ... To Be Her Real-Life Boyfriend
The Huffington Post, 21-Jul-14 10:51 AM Mountain
Jessie Kahnweiler is single and ready to mingle. Trouble is, it's hard finding someone to date in the city of Los Angeles. There is no shortage of wannabe actors, however. That's why the obvious plan of action for Kahnweiler was to hold an open casting ...

Your Favorite Emojis Finally Get The Documentary They Deserve
The Huffington Post, 21-Jul-14 10:29 AM Mountain
You know them. You love them. Because they describe the (really weird) things that words sometimes can't: emojis. So, what if emojis were tangible, real-life things? This mock-documentary from Dissolve entitled "Emoji Among Us" wants to show you what that ...

All Abuzz: Weird Al continues to attract millions with newest videos
The Columbus Dispatch, 21-Jul-14 06:40 AM Mountain
It was also posted July 15. The next day, Yankovic partnered with College Humor, a popular comedy website, and posted Foil, a funny parody of Lorde's Royals that addresses both food preservation and aliens in a single video. It has more than 10.7 million ...

College Humor: Stop 'old, rich guys' from wrecking the Internet
CNet, 15-Jul-14 03:37 PM Mountain
Later this year, the FCC will vote on proposed Net Neutrality rules that could radically change the Internet as we know it. College Humor wants you to make your voice heard. Warning: The video below has some NSFW parts, most notably a few curse words and ...

An Amusing Explanation of Why Net Neutrality Is So Serious
Gizmodo, 15-Jul-14 03:27 AM Mountain
Net neutrality is very important though not wonderfully understood. So allow College Humor to explains the concept incredibly well, while still making you laugh a little. A federal court dealt a deadly blow to net neutrality on Tuesday by striking down the ...

College Humor Parody Looks At Google As Human
MediaPost, 14-Jul-14 07:32 AM Mountain
Sometimes, Google queries throw searchers for a loop, while other times, content is easily found. The parody looks at how imperfections in voice search engine queries turn the question "Siri, how big is the Serengeti" into "more pictures of spaghetti.

  • College Humor's 'Honest Women's Chocolate Commercial' Mocks Ridiculous Food Shaming
  • This 'Honest Women's Chocolate Commercial' Reveals The Secret Guilt Trip In Every Food Ad
  • New College Humor video tackles Google, Bing and the NSA
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