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Act One - Striker, 24-Jan-15 11:06 PM Mountain
Audience members will have a chance to perform in an improvised one act play with experienced stage and screen actors from Second City, Broadway, Conan, The Late Show, College Humor, MTV, UCB, The Daily Show, and more! Produced by members of Skycopter ...

Hypnotic humor
Daily Press, 22-Jan-15 08:06 AM Mountain
The Besse Center Theater at Bay College in Escanaba was in an uproar Wednesday night as hypnotist Frederick Winters entertained guests with his show as part of the Campus Activities Board series. In the scenario above, hypnotized participants including ...

Todd Bowles: Geno Smith 'a great college quarterback'
NFL, 21-Jan-15 08:24 PM Mountain
2. Bowles scored points with his deadpan humor over Bill Belichick's rings, saying: "I'm going to work on getting my own rings." 3. On the hiring of Gailey: "Chan's been an outstanding coordinator for years," Bowles said. "Pro as well as college football.

All For One Theater Hosts 'College Night' for DEVIL IN A BOX Tonight
Broadway World, 20-Jan-15 11:32 PM Mountain
Founder and Artistic Director of AFO, Michael Wolk said, "Sadly, sexual assault is still a topic of interest and on-going concern on college campuses. Sarah's play deals with the issue honestly, and with surprising humor. We invite college students to join ...

College Humor on Why Tipping Should Be Banned
Orange County Weekly, 13-Jan-15 07:58 PM Mountain
Internet humor has changed a lot in the last five years. There's really no more big sketch groups (they all got hired into Hollywood or SNL), and now the last remaining groups focus on writing more than anything else. Even College Humor, the website that ...

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Staff Picks; Article Scrollin' Adventure! CH Original 50 Most Traumatizing Moments from Kids' Movies. Featuring The Lion King, Air Bud, Willy Wonka, and more.

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