Cyclospora has infected over 250 people since the start of the ..


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Cyclospora outbreak may have multiple sources

Salad mix blamed for cyclospora outbreak

Mystery parasite now in 11 states

Dangerous Stomach Bug Spreads: Cyclospora Parasite in 7 ...

Farmers' Market Vendors Prepare To Prevent Cyclospora ...

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The latest on the Cyclospora outbreak
WFAA-TV, 28-Aug-14 03:57 PM Mountain
The latest on the Cyclospora outbreak News 8's Medical Reporter Janet St. James joined us on News 8 at 4 to talk about the Cyclospora outbreak this year that has now been linked to cilantro and tells you what you need to know to keep you and your family ...

Texas Cyclospora Cases Traced to Fresh Cilantro From Mexico
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth 5, 28-Aug-14 02:31 PM Mountain
While investigators could not find cilantro contaminated with cyclospora they said there's a strong ... Russell Jones, chief epidemiologist for the Tarrant County Health Department, said health officials believe the outbreak is over, but they still don ...

Outbreak of Cyclospora in Texas
Food Poisoning Bulletin, 21-Jul-14 05:53 PM Mountain
The Tarrant County Public Health Department (TCPH) announced on their Facebook page that there is an outbreak of Cyclospora that has sickened at least 69 people in northern Texas within the last month. Reports of this illness always increase in the summer ...

Another cyclospora lawsuit filed
Lincoln Journal Star, 14-Aug-13 03:16 AM Mountain
The Houston law firm of Simon & Luke, along with local counsel, Miller Grell Law Group, filed another lawsuit in Lancaster County stemming from a multistate Cyclospora outbreak linked to salad mix produced by Taylor Farms of Mexico and served at Olive ...

First Cyclospora Lawsuits Filed Against Olive Garden Amid Outbreak
About Lawsuits, 06-Aug-13 10:28 AM Mountain
The owners of Olive Garden restaurants face the first food poisoning lawsuits filed in the wake of a nationwide outbreak of cyclospora infections, with women in Iowa, Texas and Nebraska filing cases that allege they suffered illnesses after eating at ...

Mystery Continues in Cyclospora Stomach Bug Outbreak
ABC News, 06-Aug-13 08:34 AM Mountain
Megan Provost ate a salad at Olive Garden six days before the onset of what she called the worst stomach bug of her life. "I felt like somebody socked me in the stomach," Provost, a 29-year-old banker, said. "I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

Cyclospora: Answers to Common Questions
NBC Bay Area, 02-Aug-13 05:25 AM Mountain
There are many misconceptions about the parasite cyclospora, which has sickened nearly 400 people in 16 states this summer. Twenty-two people have been hospitalized. Dr. Edward Dominguez at Methodist Medical Center in Dallas said it's the common question ...

  • Salad mix blamed for cyclospora outbreak in Nebraska, Iowa
  • Cyclospora Outbreak Update – What You Need To Know
  • More than 300 Infected with Cyclospora Illness across 14 States and New York City
  • Cyclospora Infections: Are You at Risk?
  • 4 Wisconsin illnesses reported from rare parasite Cyclospora
  • Publisher’s Platform: What Is Cyclospora cayetanensis?
  • More cyclospora cases reported in Iowa
  • Iowa and Nebraska investigate outbreaks of the parasite, Cyclospora
  • Cyclospora on the Web

    Cyclospora cayetanensis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Cyclospora cayetanensis is a protozoan that causes disease in humans, and perhaps primates. It has been linked in the United States to fecally contaminated imported ...

    Cyclospora infection - Mayo Clinic
    Cyclospora infection causes watery, and sometimes explosive, diarrhea. The one-celled parasite that causes cyclospora infection can enter your body when you ingest ...

    Cyclospora Infection (Cyclosporiasis): Facts About Symptoms
    Cyclospora infection symptoms include profuse diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, and cramping. Read more about causes, treatment, and prevention of cyclosporiasis.

    CDC - Cyclosporiasis - General Information
    Parasites - Cyclosporiasis (Cyclospora Infection) Parasites Home; Share Compartir. General Information. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Cyclosporiasis FAQs ...

    Cyclospora Infection Treatment, Prevention, Outbreak ...
    Outbreaks of illness in the U.S. causing infectious watery diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting recently have been found to be caused by a parasite called Cyclospora. Learn ...

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