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Ellen DeGeneres reveals her father passed away in touching tribute

Ellen degeneres revealed who the father was dead at age 92

A Singing Dad Whose Impressive Pipes Went Viral

Ellen Meets Alabama Hero Dad Nathan Mathis

Adorable Singing Father-Daughter Duo Performs 'You've Got a Friend in Me'!

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Ellen DeGeneres Announces Father’s Passing On Her Show, Pays Tribute To Him
WRAL.com, 16-Jan-18 04:34 AM Mountain
After having to evacuate her home due to the recent mudslides in Montecito, California, Ellen DeGeneres received even more devastating personal news this week. The beloved TV host and comedian’s father, Elliott DeGeneres, passed away, and to honor his ...

Ellen DeGeneres's Father Elliott DeGeneres Has Died At 92
countryliving.com, 12-Jan-18 05:08 PM Mountain
Ellen DeGeneres revealed this evening that her father, Elliott DeGeneres, has passed away at the age of 92. In an emotional on-air segment, DeGeneres spoke about her father, his life and her experience of saying goodbye to him. "He had a good long life ...

10 Minutes Before Her Father Died, Ellen DeGeneres Saw A Beautiful Sign
HuffPost, 12-Jan-18 08:53 AM Mountain
Ellen DeGeneres’ father Elliot died this week at the age of 92, the television show host announced on Thursday. But just as she was coming to terms with her loss, DeGeneres spotted a beautiful sight in the sky. DeGeneres told her studio audience that ...

Ellen DeGeneres Pays Tribute to Late Father
The Hollywood Gossip, 12-Jan-18 08:42 AM Mountain
It may be the job of Ellen DeGeneres to make people laugh on a daily basis, but the talk show host was sadly forced to turn serious on Thursday. For the saddest of reasons: Because her father passed away at the age of 92. Ellen broke this news to her ...

Ellen DeGeneres' Father Elliot Dies at 92: 'There Was Not One Bone of Judgment in His Body'
People on MSN.com, 11-Jan-18 05:48 PM Mountain
Ellen DeGeneres‘ father, Elliot DeGeneres, has died. He was 92. The Ellen DeGeneres Show host, 59, revealed to her audiences on Thursday that her father, a former insurance salesman, had passed away earlier this week. This week, at the age of 92, my ...

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Ellen DeGeneres' Father Elliot Dies at 92 ... - people.com
"He was 92 years old, he had a good long life, and he lived his life exactly how he wanted," Ellen DeGeneres told audiences on Thursday

Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Father, Elliott, Died at 92 ...
Ellen DeGeneres revealed on the Thursday, January 11, episode of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ that her father has passed away — details

Ellen DeGeneres' Father Dies at 92: 'He Lived a Good Long ...
"When I was a kid, my dad took us on one vacation to Warner Bros. Studios. He loved this business," Ellen DeGeneres says

Ellen DeGeneres' 92-Year-Old Father Passed Away — Followed ...
Ellen DeGeneres didn't often talk about her father, but he sounds like a wonderful man. The host revealed to her studio audience that the "a lot going on ...

Ellen DeGeneres reveals her father Elliot has died at age 92
Ellen DeGeneres's father Elliot DeGeneres has died. He was 92. DeGeneres revealed the news on her talk show on Thursday with a tribute.

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