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Grand Theft Auto 5: How to Play as a Different Character Without a Modded Console
Gameranx, 23-Jul-14 09:37 AM Mountain
Ever wish you could play as a different character in Grand Theft Auto 5? Now you can. Game hackers have discovered a way to play as a different character model in Grand Theft Auto 5 by way of altering the savegame files and transferring them through USB.

GTA 5 Online Glitches: Six Secret Locations Revealed - Research Lab, Police, Heist and More
Yahoo!, 23-Jul-14 01:02 AM Mountain
Avid GTA 5 gamers can now explore a bunch of unseen hidden locations in the game's online mode, as discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has revealed six secret locations including Research Lab, Police Department, Broke Down Hospital and more in ...

GTA 5 Online Heist Update: Release Date Rumours and DLC for PC, Xbox One, PS4
International Business Times, 22-Jul-14 02:50 AM Mountain
Speculation is rife that the highly-anticipated Heists DLC for GTA Online will be limited to PC and next-gen consoles, while discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), believes otherwise. The internet is abuzz with rumours of the Heists DLC not making ...

GTA V Online Heists Gets More Source Code Leaks and Clues to a Different Expansion Spotted
International Business Times, 21-Jul-14 07:19 PM Mountain
Recently, a new leak from the source code was spotted to reveal strip clubs possibly coming as DLC to "GTA V," another code leak was spotted for the "GTA V" Online Heists. The Online Heists DLC has been rumoured time and again, even way before the "I'm Not ...

Free GTA 5 PSN pre-order listed for PS4
Examiner, 21-Jul-14 05:53 PM Mountain
"GTA 5" has appeared on the Playstation Store as a free item. According to a report from Gaming Bolt on July 20, Sony Computer Entertainment recently put up a pre-order page for the PS4 version of the multiplatform product. The listing showed that it could ...

GTA 5: the unsolved mysteries
Daily Telegraph, 21-Jul-14 04:39 AM Mountain
The video games experts at CVG have shed some light on the mysteries of GTA 5. From alien abductions to the Full Moon party, the team round up the rumours and ask for viewers' help in solving the most puzzling moments of the game. Watch to find out more.

Grand Theft Auto V
Neoseeker, 20-Jul-14 05:54 PM Mountain
Ah, Grand Theft Auto, a game that contains everything for everyone but remains stupendously offensive at the same time. I got this game on launch day, got up very early in the morning to pick up my copy and get a couple of hours in before going to work and ...

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  • GTA 5 for PC, PS4 & Xbox One Price and Requirements: British Retailer Claims December Release Date for Grand Theft Auto V Games
  • 'GTA 5,' 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' and more discussed for Xbox One
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    Grand Theft Auto V - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Grand Theft Auto V is an open world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 17 ...

    Grand Theft Auto: The Official Site - Rockstar Games
    Grand Theft Auto V. Out now for PlayStation3 and Xbox 360. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer ...

    GRAND THEFT AUTO V | Latest News & Info
    Grand Theft Auto V fansite providing latest news, screenshots and game info. Collecting all the news and visuals about GTA 5 in one place for your convenience. Grand Theft Auto V - Playstation 3: Video Games
    View larger View larger View larger Los Santos: a sprawling sun-soaked metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets, and fading celebrities, once the envy of the ...

    Grand Theft Auto V - GTA Wiki, the Grand Theft Auto Wiki ...
    Grand Theft Auto V (also known as Grand Theft Auto Five, GTA 5 or GTA V) is a Rockstar North video game which was released on September 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and ...

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