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Hurricane Harvey slams into southern Texas

Hurricane Harvey: Animal rescues nationwide rally to help

Hurricane Harvey warning: Beware of alligators

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Footage reveals staggering amount of flooded cars left by Hurricane Harvey
The Drive on, 23-Sep-17 12:12 AM Mountain
It's almost hard to believe in this hyperactive hurricane season, but Harvey's ongoing reign of destruction in southeast Texas began just three short weeks ago. Over that time, the storm claimed more than 80 lives, inflicted untold billions of dollars in ...

How Hurricane Harvey Will Give America’s Seniors a Bigger Raise in 2018
The Wall Street Journal Blogs, 22-Sep-17 04:14 PM Mountain
Millions of Americans will likely get a slighter larger bump in their Social Security checks next year because Hurricane Harvey roared across the Gulf Coast this summer. Gasoline prices jumped as the storm hit Texas and Louisiana in late August ...

In Houston, Debris From Hurricane Harvey Could Take Months To Haul Away
NPR News, 22-Sep-17 02:41 PM Mountain
More than 126,000 homes in the Houston area were damaged after Hurricane Harvey. Debris from the storm is estimated to fill space equivalent to 25 college football stadiums and take months to haul away.

Residents near Houston superfund site await answers after Hurricane Harvey
Chron, 22-Sep-17 09:59 AM Mountain
Hundreds of families in riverfront neighborhoods east of Houston fear that massive flooding has poisoned their land and fouled their wells with sewage, industrial pollution and toxic sediment from the region's most notorious Superfund site - the San ...

After Hurricane Harvey, what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of flooded cars?
FOX News, 22-Sep-17 04:30 AM Mountain
Open the car door and the stench is enough to knock you off your feet. Mold has started to bloom on the doors and there is still water in the cup holders. Three weeks after floodwaters in Houston have receded, evidence of the flood is everywhere ...

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Hurricane Harvey Projected Path: National Hurricane Center
A Hurricane Harvey Projected Path has been issued by the National Hurricane Center today. Harvey is now west of St Lucia and nearing San Juan Puerto Rico.

Redeveloped Hurricane Harvey likely to affect Corpus Christi
Tropical storm Harvey is expected to make landfall Friday bringing with it heavy rainfall and high winds.

Tropical Storm Harvey moves into the Caribbean |
Tropical Storm Harvey could make landfall next week in Central America or the Yucatan Peninsula. Harvey also could be approaching hurricane strength when it does.

Hurricane Harvey - Wikipedia
The name Harvey has been used for six tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Harvey (1981) - threatened Bermuda but turned away before striking, no damage.

Hurricane center says 'ghost' of Tropical Storm Harvey ...
The remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey could reorganize as they near Central America, according to the National Hurricane Center. Two other tropical waves ...

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