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Raging Planet: Ring of Fire

Cameraman sneaks in as volcano destroys town

Raw Video: Japanese Volcano Erupts Again

Japanese eruption causes volcanic lightning

Japanese volcano erupts, following Mt Merapi

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Nishino-shima volcano (Japan): old island has disappeared under fresh lava
Volcano Discovery, 11-Oct-14 03:40 PM Mountain
The volcanic eruption on the remote island continues. A recent satellite image that the lava flows from the active vent(s) have now covered the older part of the island, the original tiny Nishino-Shima island. The ongoing eruption had started as a ...

Indonesia And Japan Rocked By Deadly Volcano Eruptions
The Inquisitr, 10-Oct-14 01:04 PM Mountain
Indonesia and Japan have both been hit with a deadly volcano eruption in both nations, which has left dozens dead, many missing, and still others in harms way as hundreds of people flee for safety. The first was in Japan, where the volcano eruption claimed ...

More bodies found on Japan volcano
USA Today, 08-Oct-14 06:04 AM Mountain
More bodies found on Japan volcano Japanese searchers find more bodies on Mount Ontake after last week's eruption. Yiming Woo reports. Video provided by Reuters Check out this story on USATODAY.com: http://usat.ly/1vPXWuN

Two more dead found on Japan volcano
AsiaOne, 06-Oct-14 11:24 PM Mountain
TOKYO - Rescue workers on Tuesday found two bodies in the ash on a volcano in central Japan, where at least 12 hikers are still unaccounted for following an eruption known to have killed 51 others. One body was air-lifted by military helicopter, according ...

Weather hits recovery of bodies from erupting Japanese volcano
CNN, 01-Oct-14 11:41 AM Mountain
Tokyo (CNN)-- The search for bodies from an erupting volcano in central Japan was suspended Thursday as weather conditions deteriorated. Officials are concerned that heavy rainfall could increase the threat of an avalanche of accumulated ash on Mount Ontake.

Japanese rescuers find more dead on volcano, toll at 47
Reuters, 01-Oct-14 09:11 AM Mountain
TOKYO (Reuters) - The death toll from a Japanese volcano eruption rose to 47 on Wednesday, the worst in 88 years, after more victims were discovered on the ash-covered mountain. Military searchers resumed a recovery operation with helicopters early on ...

Why deadly Japan volcano erupted without warning
CBS News, 30-Sep-14 06:13 AM Mountain
The death toll at Japan's Mount Ontake volcano climbed to 36 on Monday, with rescue crews still searching for missing people. The eruption caught the hikers by surprise this weekend. More than 250 people were exploring shrines and resorts at the 10,062 ...

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List of volcanoes in Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of active and extinct volcanoes in Japan . Name Elevation (m) Elevation (ft) Coordinates Last eruption Mount Meakan 1499 4916 ) 2006 Mount Asahi ...

CVO Website - Major Volcanoes in Japan - Map
Major Volcanoes of Japan. Return to: [Japan Volcanoes and Volcanics Menu]... [North Pacific Volcanoes and Volcanic Islands Menu]... URL for ...

The Volcanoes of Japan
Tales and info from a kazan otaku (by kazan-otaku)

Volcanoes of Japan - Volcano World | Your World is Erupting
Volcanoes of Japan . Japan is a part of the Eurasia continent and made up of more than 6,000 islands. Also, it is fomed on the volcanic line, called "Ring of Fire."

CVO Menu - Japan Volcanoes and Volcanics - Welcome to the USGS - U ...
From: Simkin and Siebert, 1994, Volcanoes of the World: Smithsonian Institution and Geoscience Press, Inc., Tucson, Arizona, 349p. Human settlement of Japan can be ...

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