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Raging Planet: Ring of Fire

Cameraman sneaks in as volcano destroys town

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Japanese eruption causes volcanic lightning

Japanese volcano erupts, following Mt Merapi

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Avanti's Ben Dyball proves National Capital Tour's Honeysuckle climb no Mt Fuji
The Rural, 20-Sep-14 06:47 AM Mountain
Having once been the fastest man to climb Japanese volcano Mt Fuji, the ascent to Honeysuckle camp ground was like a ride in the park for Avanti cyclist Ben Dyball. With about 5 kilometres to go in the final climb, the Sydneysider broke clear of the ...

10 of the world's most photogenic volcanoes
CNN, 11-Sep-14 01:53 PM Mountain
No volcano should be tackled lightly -- these are mountains ... The sacred form of Mount Fuji has been enchanting humankind for more than 2,000 years -- in fact, it's Japan's number one tourist attraction and the mountain's iconic image can be found ...

Japan Island Created By Volcano Could Collapse, Cause Tsunami
The Weather Channel, 20-Aug-14 03:02 PM Mountain
Japan's tsunami fears may be on the rise yet again. This time, it's coming from an area some 600 miles south of Tokyo, in an island chain that has been rapidly growing due to volcanoes, according to the Agence France Press. At the moment, scientists are ...

New Japan Island Rises From Sea After Volcano's Eruption
News Max, 21-Nov-13 11:42 PM Mountain
Indeed, a new island would give Japan a stronger foothold in its claims to territorial waters in a dispute against China. The AP said the last volcanoes in that area occurred nearly 40 years ago. Twitter erupted with comments about the development.

Japan Volcano Erupts and Gives Birth to a New Island
Guardian LV, 21-Nov-13 06:45 AM Mountain
Japan volcano erupted and gave birth to a new island according to earthquake experts. Located 620 miles (1,000 km) south of Tokyo, Japan, the new island is estimated to be 200 meters (660 feet) in diameter. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the ...

Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in Japan: Largest Eruption in Decades Sends Ash Plume Miles High
Weather Underground, 17-Aug-13 05:53 PM Mountain
Residents in a southern Japanese city were busy washing ash off the streets Monday after a nearby volcano spewed a record-high smoke plume into the sky. Sakurajima, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, experienced one of its most powerful eruptions in ...

Impressive ash cloud reaches for the sky as Japanese volcano erupts for the 500th time this YEAR
Daily Mail, 17-Aug-13 05:53 PM Mountain
These ominous pictures show volcanic smoke billowing from one of Japan's most active volcanoes, Mount Sakurajima, captured as its erupted for the 500th time this year. At 5000m, this is the highest plume of ash recorded from the mountain since 1955, and ...

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  • Japan Volcano on the Web

    List of volcanoes in Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This is a list of active and extinct volcanoes in Japan . Name Elevation (m) Elevation (ft) Coordinates Last eruption Mount Meakan 1499 4916 ) 2006 Mount Asahi ...

    CVO Website - Major Volcanoes in Japan - Map
    Major Volcanoes of Japan. Return to: [Japan Volcanoes and Volcanics Menu]... [North Pacific Volcanoes and Volcanic Islands Menu]... URL for ...

    The Volcanoes of Japan
    Tales and info from a kazan otaku (by kazan-otaku)

    Volcanoes of Japan - Volcano World | Your World is Erupting
    Volcanoes of Japan . Japan is a part of the Eurasia continent and made up of more than 6,000 islands. Also, it is fomed on the volcanic line, called "Ring of Fire."

    CVO Menu - Japan Volcanoes and Volcanics - Welcome to the USGS - U ...
    From: Simkin and Siebert, 1994, Volcanoes of the World: Smithsonian Institution and Geoscience Press, Inc., Tucson, Arizona, 349p. Human settlement of Japan can be ...

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