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ESPN journalist Jemele Hill to speak at UT conference ...


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Jemele Hill Takes Offense To NFL Teams Calling Colin Kaepernick Embarrassing | SC6 | March 17, 2017

Jemele Hill & Michael Smith Talk Sports & Their Untraditional Approach to ESPN's SportsCenter

Vince Young time in Philly?


Jemele Hill Believes Ray Rice Is Reformed | SC6 | April 21, 2017

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ESPN likes opinionated personalities. Until it doesn’t. Just ask Jemele Hill.
Denver Post, 21-Sep-17 03:35 PM Mountain
It’s almost axiomatic at ESPN: You’re nobody unless you’ve been suspended for saying something you — or perhaps mostly your bosses — regret. Over the years the dishonor roll at the self-styled Worldwide Leader in Sports has been studded with many ...

How Jemele Hill Reinforced That Black Women Are Easy Targets
BET, 21-Sep-17 01:04 PM Mountain
Just last week, ESPN newscaster Jemele Hill had the [dis]pleasure of being a Trump target. This development was unsurprising, seeing as Jemele is both Black and a woman. Her offense? Well, it was merely stating the obvious: That Trump is a white supremacist.

Jemele Hill Is a Fading Memory. Which Means ESPN Lost a Big Opportunity
Variety, 20-Sep-17 04:53 PM Mountain
Wipe the cobwebs from the darkest corner of your memory banks, and the name may sound vaguely familiar. She was well on her way to becoming a household name just last week, which in our hyper-speed news cycle, is about two or three eons ago. So you’re ...

Slayed or Shade: Was Jemele Hill Right For Slamming Trump?
Essence on, 19-Sep-17 04:12 PM Mountain
ESSENCE Now’s “Slayed or Shade” discusses the controversy surrounding "Sports Center" co-anchor Jemele Hill's tweets about Trump being a white supremacist.

The fight over Jemele Hill’s tweets won’t go away. It’s about truth and race in the Trump era.
Washington Post, 19-Sep-17 12:25 PM Mountain
I love words, but sometimes they just aren’t up to the job. Like the word “inappropriate,” which has been applied to certain tweets last week by Jemele Hill, the ESPN commentator, one of which described President Trump as a white supremacist.

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Jemele Juanita Hill (born December 21, 1975) is an American sports journalist previously writing a column for's Page 2 and formerly hosting ESPN's His and Hers.

Jemele Hill | Twitter
105K tweets • 5,816 photos/videos • 591K followers. Check out the latest Tweets from Jemele Hill (@jemelehill)

Jemele Hill calls Trump a ‘white supremacist' as ESPN ...
ESPN’s Jemele Hill did not stick to sports Monday night. Amid a tweet storm she unleashed that began with criticism of Kid Rock, the outspoken Hill ...

ESPN responds to Jemele Hill calling Trump 'a white ...
ESPN has taken to Twitter Tuesday where the sports network responded to Jemele Hill calling President Trump “a white supremacist.”

Jemele Hill calls Donald Trump white supremacist; ESPN ...
Jemele Hills called Donald Trump a white supremacist on Twitter.

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