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Krokodil: Russia's Deadliest Drug (NSFW)

Graphic effects of NEW DRUG! Krokodil rots flesh off bones! aka ...

Krokodil takes toll on Russian addicts

Krokodil Drug (Rusia's Disaster)A drug that eats junkies - Ma túy ...

Brotha Lynch Hung - Krokodil

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Krokodil hype: Is toxic 'flesh-eating' street drug in Canada?
CBC, 27-Nov-13 01:41 PM Mountain
If headlines in the past few weeks are to be believed, a "Flesh-eating 'zombie' drug" that could devour users "from the inside out" is finding its way onto American streets. Then came reports suggesting that "krokodil," a cheap and highly addictive ...

Russia's Flesh-Eating Krokodil Drug an Urban Legend in UK, US and Canada
International Business Times, 21-Nov-13 08:33 AM Mountain
The deadly flesh-eating drug krokodil is not spreading throughout the US, Canada and the UK, despite reports suggesting otherwise. Experts have said it is unlikely the drug has even really left Russia, as it is only used by people in remote parts of the ...

Krokodil Could Be Spreading Across U.S. (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
The Huffington Post, 18-Nov-13 02:34 PM Mountain
The first confirmed case of Krokodil in the United States was observed a year ago, according to a new report. Arizona may be the "epicenter" of the drug's possible uprising in the U.S., according to a story published on Saturday by AZ Family. But the cases ...

Krokodil use reportedly spreading: What makes dangerous drug so addictive?
CBS News, 22-Oct-13 04:49 PM Mountain
More cases of Krokodil use are reportedly popping up around the United States, prompting some medical professionals to warn that the addictive, poisonous drug has reached American shores. Krokodil, scientific name desomorphine, is an opiate in the same ...

Why Russia's Flesh-Eating Drug 'Krokodil' Won't Sweep Through America
The Business Insider, 21-Oct-13 09:30 PM Mountain
The narcotic reportedly originated in Russia a few years ago and gets its nickname ("crocodile" in Russian ... steps Russia has taken to battle krokodil is banning over-the-counter sales of drugs containing codeine. Drug users aren't completely irrational ...

Two more cases of flesh-eating krokodil suspected in Utah as killer drug spreads through streets of U.S.
Daily Mail, 18-Oct-13 12:36 PM Mountain
Health officials in Utah have confirmed that the deadly flesh-eating drug krokodil may have been detected in the state. The drug is a noxious cocktail of codeine and gasoline eats the body from inside out and causes horrific skin damage that leads to the ...

Flesh-eating 'zombie' drug 'kills you from the inside out'
CNN, 16-Oct-13 11:41 AM Mountain
(CNN)-- A flesh-eating drug that turns people into zombie-like creatures seems to have made its way to the United States. This extremely addictive injectable opioid is called krokodil (pronounced like crocodile) or desomorphine. It's so named in part ...

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  • 'Krokodil' Drug FAQ
  • Krokodil, the Drug That Eats Your Flesh: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know [WARNING: GRAPHIC]
  • Flesh-rotting 'krokodil' drug emerges in USA
  • Krokodil: The drug that eats junkies
  • Krokodil on the Web

    Krokodil: The drug that eats junkies - Europe - World - The ...
    Oleg glances furtively around him and, confident that nobody is watching, slips inside the entrance to a decaying Soviet-era block of flats, where Sasha is waiting ...

    Desomorphine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Krokodil takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour to prepare with over-the-counter ingredients in a kitchen. Since the home-made mix is routinely injected ...

    Krokodil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Krokodil was a satirical magazine published in the Soviet Union. It was founded in 1922, and named after Fyodor Dostoyevsky's satirical short story, The Crocodile.

    Krokodil Tears: The Craziest Drug You've Never Heard Of
    If you thought bath salts were bad, you should know about Krokodil. Gaining popularity in Siberia (at least as off 2011) Krokodil is a crazy, toxic mixture of eye ...

    Russia's Krokodil Addiction: Deadly Designer Drug Spreads - TIME
    A dirty cousin of morphine, krokodil, or crocodile, has caused countless deaths in Russia, many victims simply dropping dead or rotting away because of gangrene

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