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Oxford comma killed? No, nein, and nyet.


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Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

Vampire Weekend - "Oxford Comma"

Vampire Weekend - "Oxford Comma"

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma (with lyrics)

vampire weekend - oxford comma

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Weird Al's 'Word Crimes' Could Actually Make You a Better Communicator
Entrepreneur, 16-Jul-14 03:00 PM Mountain
Do you know how to conjugate? Is your participle dangling? Are you a fan of the Oxford comma? If you have no idea what I'm talking about then perhaps you should watch the video below. Why? Communication is a critical element of what entrepreneurs and other ...

Weird Al's best song ever?
CNN, 16-Jul-14 12:58 PM Mountain
But now, "Weird Al" is no longer just doing funny spoofs of Madonna and Michael Jackson; he's educating the Internet on how to properly use the Oxford comma. 'Weird Al' spoofs 'Blurred Lines' While he's sold more than 12 million albums, earned three ...

Is a comma grammar?
The Economist online, 04-Mar-13 10:19 PM Mountain
Here's a good example of how laypeople and linguists differ on grammar: OnlineSchools.com has created this handy infographic on the much-discussed punctuation mark known as the Oxford comma. To recap, the Oxford comma separates the last two items in a list ...

Oxford comma, still with us
The Economist online, 30-Jun-11 12:39 PM Mountain
CONFESSION: I've never cared that much about the Oxford comma. Some people call this the Harvard comma, or the serial comma, but what nobody seems to do is be indifferent to its use. This, Proponents of the comma insist that without it, you might be prone ...

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Serial comma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In punctuation, a serial comma (also called Oxford comma and Harvard comma) is a comma placed immediately before the coordinating conjunction (usually and, or, or nor ...

What is the 'Oxford comma'? - Oxford Dictionaries Online
What is the 'Oxford comma'? by Oxford Dictionaries Online ... The 'Oxford comma' is an optional comma before the word 'and' at the end of a list:

What Is the Oxford (or Serial) Comma? - Definition and Examples of ...
The Oxford (or serial) comma is the comma that precedes the conjunction before the final item in a list of three or more items:

Going, Going, And Gone?: No, The Oxford Comma Is Safe ... For Now ...
Yesterday, a brief panic ensued when it seemed like Oxford was abandoning its own comma. It isn't, but the whole kerfuffle raised the issue of how and why ...

Oxford Comma (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oxford Comma " is the third single by Vampire Weekend, released May 26, 2008, from their debut album, Vampire Weekend. On January 28, 2008, Michael Hogan of Vanity ...

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