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Kel-Tec SU-22: "4 Pounds of Tactical" by Nutnfancy

Su-22 Fitter Demo Flight, Volkel Airshow 2013

Su-22 - Amazing Polish Airforce - Su-17

Polish Sukhoi SU-22 'Fitter' Impressive Airshow Display | RIAT Fairford 2014

Su-22 F-16 ground attack Air Show Radom 2013

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Sukhoi Su-17 / Su-20 / Su-22 (Fitter) Ground Attack ...
Operational history, technical specifications and images of the Sukhoi Su-17 / Su-20 / Su-22 (Fitter) Ground Attack / Strike Fighter Aircraft.

Sukhoi Su-17 - Wikipedia
From 22 September 1980 to 20 August 1988, during the Iran–Iraq War, Iraq used Su-17 export versions (Su-20 and Su-22) alongside older Su-7s.

Low Level Su-22 Bomber-Fighter Action |
The last flights before the retirement. The SU-22 was designed as a high speed, medium range, low level ground attack / recce aircraft.

Su-22 Fighter Jets Collide Over Vietnam, Fate Of Pilots ...
Update as of 8:00 a.m. EDT: Vietnam has launched a search operation to find the two pilots, who were flying separately in two Su-22 jets and went missing after they ...

The Aviationist » Su-22 Fitter
A Su-22 Fitter was shot down by the Syrian opposition earlier today. On Apr. 5, a SyAAF (Syrian Arab Air Force) Su-22 Fitter was allegedly shot down by the Syrian ...

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