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the city medical examiner has determined that designer sylvie cac


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Swimsuit Designer was strangled and drowned in Soho House hotel

Swimwear Designer Sylvie Cachay DEAD Identified As Soho House ...

Fashion Designer's Tragic Death

Swimsuit Designer Found Dead in Hotel

Sylvie Cachay, 31, Has Been Identified As Soho House Victim VIDEO!!

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Cy Vance
Wall Street Journal, 14-Apr-14 07:25 AM Mountain
Nicholas Brooks Sentenced to 25 Years to Life for Drowning Girlfriend Sylvie Cachay September 23, 2013 04:16 p.m. Nicholas Brooks, son of the Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks, was sentenced Monday to 25-years-to-life in state prison for drowning his ...

Sylvie Cachay: Nicholas Brooks Sentenced To 25 Years
The Inquisitr, 24-Sep-13 08:57 PM Mountain
Sylvie Cachay was killed in December 2010. Her former boyfriend, Nicholas Brooks, was convicted of her murder in July. He has now been sentenced to 25 years to life. Cachay and Brooks dated for around six months. However, friends say the relationship was ...

Sylvie Cachay Update: Nicholas Brooks, beau convicted in death of NYC designer, gets 25 years to life in prison
CBS News, 23-Sep-13 02:46 PM Mountain
(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - An Oscar-winning composer's son was sentenced Monday to 25 years to life in prison after being convicted of killing his fashion designer girlfriend in a swanky hotel room. Nicholas Brooks, 27, was convicted in July of murdering 33-year ...

Sylvie Cachay Update: Nicholas Brooks convicted of murder in death of NYC swimsuit designer
CBS News, 11-Jul-13 09:07 PM Mountain
(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - The boyfriend of Sylvie Cachay, a New York City swimsuit designer found dead at an upscale hotel, has been convicted of murder. PICTURES: Sylvie Cachay: Fashion designer found dead in posh NYC hotel The verdict for Nicholas Brooks, 26 ...

Playboy boyfriend of swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay is found guilty of murdering her in their Soho House hotel room
Daily Mail, 11-Jul-13 04:14 PM Mountain
The playboy boyfriend of a fashion designer was convicted Thursday of strangling and drowning her in the bathtub of a swank hotel room. Nicholas Brooks, whose father was an Oscar-winning composer who wrote 'You Light Up My Life,' put his face in his hands ...

Soho House Trial: Ex-Boyfriend of Sylvie Cachay Found Guilty of Murder
E Online, 11-Jul-13 04:07 PM Mountain
A verdict has been reached in the shocking Soho House death of fashion designer Sylvie Cachay. Ex-boyfriend Nicholas Brooks was found guilty of murder today and will face a judge for sentencing on August 26. He faces up to 25 years to life in prison.

Incriminating photo shows boyfriend's red raw knuckles just hours after he 'strangled and drowned' swimsuit designer girlfriend at Soho House
Daily Mail, 25-Jun-13 03:00 PM Mountain
Prosecutors claim Brooks, then 24, used those hands to strangle then drown Sylvie Cachay, 33, in a white porcelain tub during a violent argument in December 2010. As the picture of Brooks' hands flashed up on a TV screen in court, prosecutor Jordan Arnold ...

  • Murder Trial of Nicholas Brooks: Friends Testify Swimsuit Designer Sylvie Cachay Tried to Break Up With Him
  • At Murder Trial, Jurors Hear of Turbulent Relationship
  • Death at Soho House
  • Soho House Death Shocker: Five Things You Need to Know About the Sylvie Cachay Case
  • Sylvie Cachay's parents say she had broken up with boyfriend Nick Brooks before tragic tub death
  • Sylvie Cachay, rising fashion star, found dead in SoHo hotel; cops question perv Joseph Brooks' son
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    Sylvie Cachay Memorial Project
    The Sylvie Cachay Memorial Project is a charitable foundation established in honor of Sylvie's life, spirit and the work which she was so passionate about.

    Parents of swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay hint that breaking up ...
    The grief-stricken parents of the swimsuit fashion designer found dead and half naked in a Soho House hotel bathtub are convinced she was "murdered" -- saying she ...

    Sylvie Cachay, rising fashion star, found dead in SoHo hotel; cops ...
    Sylvie Cachay, rising fashion star, found dead in SoHo hotel; cops question perv Joseph Brooks' son By ...

    About Sylvie
    Sylvie Cachay was a rising star in the fashion industry and kind soul who overcame many obstacles in life, but was tragically killed in December 2010 shortly before ...

    Sylvie Cachay, Va. native fashion designer, found dead in N.Y ...
    A New York fashion designer who graduated from Marymount University in Arlington and grew up in McLean, decorating the walls of her childhood bedroom with ...

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