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'The Commuter' review: Murder on the Neeson Express
Chicago Tribune, 13-Jan-18 05:54 AM Mountain
There’s a moment in “The Commuter” when the newly unemployed insurance salesman and former cop played by Liam Neeson is informed that his adversaries will be coming after his wife and son. Have these fools not seen the “Taken” movies? Don’t ...

‘The Commuter’ Review: If It’s January It’s Time For Liam Neeson To Swing Into Action, And He’s Still Got It
Deadline Hollywood, 12-Jan-18 06:15 PM Mountain
You know the Oscar movies have all opened when it is time for Liam Neeson to save us all from some dire consequences. This time it all takes place on a train, but rest assured this 65-year-old action star doesn’t look like he is signing up for Social ...

Liam Neeson’s ‘The Commuter’ is terribly pedestrian action, 12-Jan-18 12:28 PM Mountain
Liam Neeson’s transportation troubles continue in The Commuter, ironically one of his more pedestrian action efforts. This time Neeson’s misshapen nose for danger leads him onto a train, after Non-Stop air travel, Run(ning) All Night and automobiles ...

‘The Commuter’ Review: Liam Neeson’s “Old Man Action Hero” Thing Still Works
slashfilm, 12-Jan-18 12:19 PM Mountain
At this point, Liam Neeson movies are practically a genre unto themselves, and Liam Neeson-Jaume Collet-Serra movies are quite possibly their apex. The Commuter is one of the best of the bunch. Even though it’s not really anything you haven’t seen ...

Box Office: ‘The Post’ Tops Newcomers ‘The Commuter,’ ‘Paddington 2’ on Thursday Night
Variety, 12-Jan-18 09:29 AM Mountain
Steven Spielberg’s “The Post” took in $775,000 at 2,375 North American venues on Thursday night, edging Liam Neeson’s “The Commuter,” which grossed $700,000 at 2,000 sites. Family comedy “Paddington 2” launched with $325,000 in previews ...

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