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Tide pod challenge: Teenagers are risking death to film themselves eating detergent
The Independent, 12-Jan-18 12:43 PM Mountain
A new trend is sweeping social media - and it has the potential to be deadly. Called the “Tide Pod Challenge,” the new viral trend sees teens filming themselves while they attempt to eat Tide laundry detergent pods, before challenging others to do the ...

Doctors warn against eating Tide Pods in latest social media challenge
Fox News, 12-Jan-18 12:14 PM Mountain
The latest social media fad could be fatal, doctors warn. The “Tide Pod Challenge” has taken social media by storm but the craze could be extremely harmful to humans. Teenagers have been posting videos of themselves chewing and gagging on the small ...

'Tide Pods Challenge' is the newest deadly trend among teenagers
New York Daily News, 12-Jan-18 10:58 AM Mountain
The "Tide Pods Challenge" is the latest dangerous trend gaining traction with teenagers on social media, sending some to the hospital. The "challenge" requires kids to ingest small laundry detergent packages and post videos of themselves doing so online ...

Teens consuming laundry detergent pods in viral 'challenge'
ABC News, 12-Jan-18 08:58 AM Mountain
A new online challenge that involves teens putting Tide laundry-detergent pods in their mouths is raising concerns among experts. “Teens trying to be funny are now putting themselves in danger by ingesting this dangerous substance,” Ann Marie Buerkle ...

Teens are eating laundry detergent for the "Tide Pod Challenge"
CBS News, 12-Jan-18 04:46 AM Mountain
A government watchdog is expressing concern over the dangerous misuse of a laundry detergent. In this latest social media fad, teenagers are putting detergent pods in their mouths in what's being called the "Tide Pod Challenge." Ingredients in the pods ...

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Teens are eating laundry detergent for the "Tide Pod ...
Government watchdog is expressing concern over the latest social media fad called the "Tide Pod Challenge"

Tide pod challenge: Teens 'eat' detergent pods, post ...
As part of a dangerous new online challenge, teens are putting laundry pods in their mouth. It all started as jokes. The lure of Tide Pods, which look ...

Tide pod challenge: What is it and why are teens eating ...
A bizarre new trend dubbed the “Tide Pod Challenge” is gaining popularity among tee...

'Tide Pod Challenge' is dangerously trending among teens
A dangerous new trend called 'Tide Pod Challenge' is becoming popular on social media, but doctors say it could land them in the emergency room.

Tide Pod Challenge: Teens are putting detergent pods in ...
As part of a dangerous new online challenge, teens are putting laundry pods in their mouth. It all started as jokes. The lure of Tide Pods, which look ...

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