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Wendy Williams Cries Recounting On-Air Collapse: 'It Was Really Scary'
People, 01-Nov-17 08:44 AM Mountain
Physically, Wendy Williams is on the mend — but emotionally, she’s still reeling after her scary on-air collapse. On Tuesday, the talk show host fainted during a live broadcast of her self-titled show — a collapse she told audiences occurred because ...

Wendy Williams Tears Up While Describing On-Air Faint: "It Was Really Scary"
E Online, 01-Nov-17 08:40 AM Mountain
Wendy Williams is "better now," but the on-air faint she endured on Tuesday was still "scary." Recalling the shocking live event a day later during Wednesday's show, the daytime host assured the audience that it was not a stunt or joke. Instead, as she ...

Wendy Williams cries as she recalls ‘really scary’ on-air collapse
New York Daily News, 01-Nov-17 08:12 AM Mountain
Wendy Williams bounced back after passing out during her show Tuesday morning. The talk show host returned to her long running series on Wednesday morning to share what caused her to pass out on live television and was brought to tears recalling the incident.

Wendy Williams faints on live TV
CNN, 31-Oct-17 10:02 AM Mountain
(CNN)Wendy Williams fainted during a live taping of her talk show on Tuesday morning. "The Wendy Williams Show" host was in the midst of the program's annual "How You Doin' Halloween Costume Contest" when she began to slur her words and sway back and forth ...

Wendy Williams fainted on live TV, and it was terrifying
Washington Post, 31-Oct-17 10:02 AM Mountain
Wendy Williams’s talk show took a terrifying turn on Tuesday morning when the host fainted on live TV. Williams, dressed in an elaborate Statue of Liberty costume, started introducing the show’s annual Halloween costume contest toward the end of the hour.

Talk-show host Wendy Williams fainted on live TV
Entertainment Weekly on MSN.com, 31-Oct-17 09:24 AM Mountain
The host of 'The Wendy Williams Show,' who was dressed as the Statue of the Liberty, passed out as she was introducing this year’s costume contest.

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